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Investment Management

Growth, Peace, Values, Goals… 

​At Lighthouse, we take a holistic approach to your investment plan. We take time to understand your comfort level and current life phase before coming up with a strategy. Through natural conversation, we will learn about what investing means to you and talk through any past investing experiences you may have had so that we can help you find the right kind of investments that will work for you.

Life events cause us to examine our investment strategy and that's okay!

Life is complex and as time goes on you will want to look at how your investments work together with the big picture.

It's not just about the big decisions you will make like where to live in retirement when to take social security or which supplement will I need with medicare. Small details are important too, like your day-to-day income & expenses, to your gift-giving or keeping track of your travel & home improvement projects. Critical areas are often missed such as tax planning strategies, estate planning updates & insurance reviews. We are here to help you navigate it all and guide you toward the future through wise counsel.

Comprehensive Financial Planning & Investment Management services offered through Lighthouse, bring together the simple and the complicated; to equal a strategy that makes sense to you.


We believe in Investments focused on the long term without sacrificing the now.


Growth with the ability to have peace.


With us you have confidence knowing you are investing in companies you believe in and also are in line with your financial goals.

Thankfully this doesn't have to be a difficult process and you don’t have to do it alone. 

Not only does Lighthouse Financial believe in helping you grow your money. We’ll work together to pick investments that align with your values. That way you not only feel good about where you are investing but you know that you will reach your goals while making the world a little better. 

Areas of Expertise & How We Can Help:​

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Investment Management

  • Socially Responsible Investing

  • Biblically Responsible Investing

  • Annuity: Reviews, 2nd Opinions & Recommendations based solely on your unique situation

  • Income Investing & Planning

  • Interest Rate Shopping

  • Guaranteed Income and how it really works

  • Social Security analysis and planning

  • Retirement Planning & Help

  • Tax Planning

  • Roth Conversion Strategies

  • Medicare Planning

  • Insurance Review & Analysis

  • Estate Planning Strategies: Trusts, Wills, Pet Trusts & much more

    • (Note: Lighthouse Financial Planners & Advisors LLC is not a licensed tax preparer or attorney. A complete financial plan includes collaboration with a licensed tax preparer/ CPA and Licensed Attorney.)​

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