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Michal Slate CFP®, MBA, M.Ed.


Hi, I'm Michal~

Although I've built a successful career as a financial expert, I didn't grow up understanding how money worked. I learned most things the hard way which turns out, is the most common way to learn about money. We struggle, we make mistakes & then we are a little wiser. Because I know firsthand how painful financial confusion can feel, I make it my top priority to educate clients in a way that makes sense. After 15 years of experience offering financial advice, I know how valuable a simple explanation can be.​

We believe in service and transparency; in grace and education to light your way to financial success. ​

I'm passionate about education and community development. I've earned an MBA in Business Leadership as well as an education MEd in Curriculum Design. ​

We believe in service 1st with complete transparency about any costs that may be associated with working with us.

My team and I will guide you with grace making sure you understand the process & how we are helping you.

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We are here to serve you!

It's a big deal that you are here. We respect and appreciate the fact that you are seeking out a trusted advisor to help you with the next phase of your wealth-building. No matter where you are in the process we would be honored to assist. We do not charge for initial consultations and in fact, we love helping so much that we don't charge for most things! Having the heart of a teacher means we care about you and want you to understand your options. We also love answering questions!!! Educating you and helping you feel empowered in reaching your goals is not just what we do, it's why we are here. 

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Our Story

Lighthouse Financial Planners & Advisors was founded by Michal Slate, CFP®, MBA, MEd. After 15 years of working in the financial industry with larger financial institutions, she wanted to create a company that leads with service regardless of profits. There are tons of financial professionals out there to sell you something. What makes Lighthouse FPA different is the fact that we truly want to build relationships. Only after you get to know someone can you understand the best way to help them with their finances. There is no such thing as a one size fits all, so that is why we have Financial Planning, Advising, and Coaching all in one place. No matter where you are in the baby step process, we can help! And we have done all the research ahead of time so that you will always get the most value out of the financial decisions you make. We care about doing what is right!

Everyone on our team knows what it is like to struggle financially. We all have a story. Dave Ramsey has inspired us all! 

Welcome to Lighthouse FPA, where we make friends for life and just happen to have the honor of helping you with your money. 

Meet The Team

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Michal Slate, CFP®, MBA, MEd

Founder & CEO

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Elena Voin

Licensed Assistant


Giancarlo Foti

Sierra Ridge Wealth President & OSJ Supervisor


Anna Alarcon

Sierra Ridge Wealth Administrative Assistant



In-Person Client Experience Specialist

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Heather Oynes

Financial Coach & Budgeting Specialist


Tim Watkins

Sierra Ridge Wealth Portfolio Management Associate


Lighthouse FPA Office
Sierra Ridge Wealth Office

Our clients are from all over and even when they start out near us, they can end up moving anywhere.

Since our firm has physical and virtual locations, we can serve any location in the United States!

Even if your life takes you outside the US, we can still help if you have an internet connection.

We frequently do video appointments even with clients who are right down the road from our office.

To be flexible we can do phone appointments, video appointments, or in-person.

When we need to exchange your private information, we have convenient and safe ways to do so!

Our job is to make your life easier, so if you ever have a question about how we serve our clients just ask! 


Our headquarters is in beautiful Southern Oregon.

If you want to meet in person and don't live near Southern Oregon, we have a physical office in Sacramento for meetings. We also have an office in Santa Rosa, CA.

Southern Oregon

33 North Central Ave Suite 317

Medford Oregon 97501

Sacramento, CA

1435 River Park Dr., Suite 504

Sacramento, CA 95815